Hello, and welcome to the home page of Sir_Zman. I have constructed this page to relay information on my various interests and activities.

Right now my most time consuming activity is a sport called GeoCaching in which someone hides a weather proof container (cache) with some nicknacks and a log book. The hider then lists the Latitude and Longitude of the cache on the geocaching website and then others can use a GPS receiver to locate the cache. So this it is basically treasure hunting for the tech age.
I have created a webpage to help you find parking coords, go here: Sir_ZMan's Lat Long Finder page and then either enter an address or move around the map, when you find the spot you want to park, click "set pin here", you can click and drag the pin around until it's just right, then copy the lat/long into your GSAK child waypoint and your all set.

I host a weekly podcast that covers news and events regarding Geocaching in the Twin Cities. You can find more info on that at the Twin Cities Geocaching Podcast website

I have uploaded some of my cache find photos here at PhotoGoRound.

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About Me
I am 47 years old and married with four children, a 22 year old, a 19 year old, a 16 year old and a 10 year old. I am a Database Administrator living in the north side of the twin cities (Forest Lake area).

I enjoy camping, biking, and movies, as well as computers and just staying at home and spending time with the family.

I also enjoy collecting Geocoins (coins based on geocaching), you can view my collection at